Nice weather for Ducks


What is going on with this weather..? It’s neither hot nor cold and it’s more like April with its unpredictable flurry of down pours….just the kind of weather that I really dislike because a) I don’t know what to do with the Toddler and b) I don’t know what to wear, annoyance level in no particular order.

Yesterday was just one of those days so we opted for a trip to feed the Ducks in the Cotswold Village 0f Bourton on the Water.



I wore a casual mix of long sleeve tee and chinos. I picked up this tee (by one of my favourite brands Maison Scotch) in a charity shop the other day, let me tell you the level of charity bounty in Broadway is a weekly delight!



The ducks were delighted to see us but it took Rudy a while to get the gist of the operation.  We ticked a box until next time though and he seemed to have a lovely time with his beloved Dada, definitely worth a return visit for more Duck adventures very soon.




All that I had on MY mind was Mint Choc Chip Ice Cream so naturally a double scoop ensued for us Parents. Rudy wasn’t at all sure about it frankly wasting Mummy’s sacrificed cone and insisting on eating it the wrong way around and we discovered ..he’s actually a bit scared of ice cream…OH LORD.. I’m not sure where that leaves me, shall I swap him?



I had my fix of door spotting too so all in all a successful expedition despite the rain and the taking on and off of outer layers and there was even a chance of some Hydrangea spotting.



I think The Manor would suit me best…non?



I spied this lovely looking Bakery come Café so there’s a high chance I’ll be back when coffee call and we listened to the Gloucester Charter Concert Band keeping wandering tourists entertained on the Green, what more could you want for a touristic afternoon out…?






We’ll be back very soon ..I am already tasting the Mint Choc Chip and this time he’s not having any of it !

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