The beauty of a phone break

The beauty of a phone break

I’ve been without a phone these last 12 days and despite a cold turkey start and the absolute inconvenience of it all (especially in my profession) it has actually been really LOVELY!

For starters, I have had somewhat of a Social Media rest as well as a rest of communication…from the almost obsessive need to respond to everyone at the very minute they make contact and it has taught me that however much you NEED or think you need your phone, most of the time you actually probably don’t.

I have been much more aware of what’s going on around me and have taken in the beauty of the moment and of my surroundings which may sound like a cliche but it’s, well it’s just TRUE!

It’s coming back today and I have mixed feelings so before it does here’s some photos I took last week (with the big camera) of our beautiful village, a simple click rather than lots of one handed snaps that never get seen before they slink off to the overfull cloud in the sky.

If you try out the phone break then enjoy it and please let me know how you get on.

















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