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I’m always nervous when it comes to my hair being worked on by someone new. I am a creature of habit in general and stick to the same thing over and over, like my like my hairdresser for example but when Laura Leigh Hair Salon invited me for ‘ a do ‘ well what could I say? It couldn’t have been better timing to start with and well, the salon is so well situated and I’d heard great things so it was a definite and resounding yes from me! 

I was booked in with Luke for a Colour, Cut and Blow dry. My hair isn’t that long at all so I guessed we wouldn’t be doing much on that score (I’m not that brave) but I was hoping that Luke might be able to sort out the annoyance of my baby hair re growth, and advise me on my thinning lack lustre hair, something that is really getting me down.



My hair used to be one of my best assets (above)…  I wouldn’t go quite as far as saying it was my crowning glory but it was healthy, thick and full of body and it easily styled, holding a blow dry much better than most. Hairdressers always commented on how well it blow dried and I took pride in leaving a salon much more ‘Crystal Carringtonesque ‘ than when I’d arrived. The bigger the better, the more bouffe the better, as big as could be.

But lately, since my Son’s birth and since the cessation of the the daily pumping of pre pregnancy and pregnancy vitamins and the demise of the post preggers hormones …this hair of which I fondly speak is NO MORE. It is literally no where to be seen replaced with thin, dry, damaged, dark, completely laking in any life. In fact I would go as far as to say that instead of Dynasty’s Crystal Carrington it’s much more resemblent of EastEnders’ Pauline Fowler.

Yeah, I KNOW, I told you…#badtimes.



Luke was definitely going to have a challenge ahead. As well as the hair to contend with there’s ME. I can be pretty hard work, not least when I am in that Salon chair 😉 ….when I am there I’m a little nervous, suspicious, questioning and generally uncomfortable until someone has shown me what they can achieve.

A few coffees and the relaxing surrounding helped put me at ease. I was well looked after and everyone was very helpful, chatty and the coffee and water were replenished with a smile, there’s a lot to say for that these days!


I am glad to say Luke rose well to the hair challenge……To start with he summed up my hair pretty well, spotting hair lacking moisture, baby hair issues and all in all a dubious amount of fluffiness which he wanted to put right. Firstly he advised what I could do at home to get it back to normal. Firstly – Eat lots of Avocado, take Vitamin B and have plenty of Fish Oils were some of his recommendations. No sooner had he suggested that and I was planning an Avocado supper and a trip to the Health Food Shop.


As Style Director Luke has worked 12 years in the industry. Having worked in Berlin, Australia and London for the last 8 years Luke has returned to his home town where he began his hairdressing career. A regular at London fashion week shows such as, Christopher Kane, j w Anderson, felder felder and house of Holland. His passion for hair and travel took him to Australia and most recently Berlin.

Having worked at a top west end celebrity salon in London for 4 years he became a fan of classic cuts and colours, but in contrast his experience working in east London and Berlin was able to see a more creative, bespoke side to hairdressing.



“One of the biggest joys to my job is making my client feel good, this in turn makes me feel good.” Luke



The Salon itself is pretty impressive. Slick, white, clean, crisp and professional. It’s a cool place which offers a huge range of services…take a look here at what you can have done….from a cut and colour, bridal hair, extensions, make up & nails and much more, the Salon offers such variety. It’s a one stop shop which for me is a total god send being that at the moment time is very, very precious. 



Laura herself is the Artistic Director and Head of the Artistic Team at Laura Leigh Hairdressing. Laura has achieved many accolades throughout her career with 17 years of experience within the industry. As a successful, award winning hairdresser, specialising in advanced cutting techniques and hair extensions she opened her business in 2005 with a boutique salon situated on Cheltenham’s fashionable promenade. 



Nominated as ‘Entrepreneur Of The Year’ by The Princes trust in 2006. Laura is renowned for her energy, passion and enthusiasm along with her warmth and approachable demeanour. Her professionalism, expertise and dedication to hairdressing has ensured an unrivalled reputation within her region. She is highly recommended throughout the Cotswolds as a bridal hairdressing expert and is passionate about inspiring young hairdressers, committed to providing a continuous education and development programme within the salon.

Laura also finds time to be ‘The Hair Doctor’ for The Cotswold Style magazine and writes a monthly column, advising readers on the latest news from within the industry. Her philosophy is to provide the best salon experience imaginable for each client, offering the latest hair and beauty treatments within an inspiring environment. Exceeding the clients expectations, by combining a unique personalised customer care with expert technical skills.

If you are keen on good and great products, Laura Leigh Hairdressing is one of the largest and most renowned stockists of GHD, L’Oreal, Kerastase and Balmain in Cheltenham and also offers an exciting range of electrical styling equipment. For a personalised prescription for your hair care and styling needs you can contact a member of the team at Laura Leigh.


Here’s the final do. The baby hair was as tamed as it is going to be, I am on the right track for a healthy diet to assist with that mission and my colour is restored. The chunky blunt cut has left me feeling much ore confident and at least some kind of normality can resume, which with my current schedule is one less thing to worry about. Thank you Luke, Laura and all the team, I’ll be back.



To book an appointment with our Luke, Style Director call 01242 530598


Ciao for now







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