A Monochrome 1st Birthday

A Monochrome 1st Birthday

For as long as I’ve loved Monochrome I’ve wanted to create a Monochrome themed Birthday party.

When Rudy’s nursery was taking shape I was already thinking head to his 1st birthday and the Monochrome Birthday I could hold for him. I thought it was further away but oh, it came so quickly and now the birthday has been and gone….how can my tiny little baby be 1 year old already!?

It wasn’t hard to find inspiration. Pinterest and Instagram are awash with ideas on birthday parties, Monochrome or not. The plan quickly took shape and some online shopping and trips to a couple of shops made the day look the way if intended.
It was a only a small party this time, just our families here at home to celebrate the big Number One. Next year I’ll want to do Monochrome again though, I already know it !

I made a Egg and Cress And Ham Sandwiches washed down with Prosecco. There was a gorgeous cake from a local baker in Moreton in Marsh and Cupcakes too. Some crisps and little treats and the obligatory cocktail sausages and that was quite enough, everyone seemed well fed!

Here’s what it looked like and details of how to achieve the look…it was a dark, wet and gloomy day so unfortunately the pics are quite as bright as they could be, best laid plans and all 😫

















The birthday boy had a great day in his new BatMobile, a gift from his Grandad, I’m certain her didn’t notice any of the Monochrome detailing but I’ll show him when he’s grown up !






Have a great day









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