The Grey Kitchen for the Whites

The Grey Kitchen for the Whites

Before I agreed to move in with my now husband one thing that HAD to be sorted out was the kitchen.

In fact rather than me (just his girlfriend at the time) insisting that this was done before cohabitation, it was he that couldn’t put me through the pain of living with him with the existing monstrosity and he was adamant that it be renovated before we began what would turn out to be, forever after.

The existing one was worse than you could ever imagine. I’m not sure many photos exist but if they did they should be burned, there’s only so much I’d expect you to take.

I can paint a picture for you though…

Salmon rag rolled walls, ancient kitchen units hanging off and in some cases at their hinges, some without doors at all, dirty cupboards and a corner job cooker unit and hood which was the worst design I’ve ever seen in terms of practicality – the list goes on but those were some of the delights I would have had to endure and which Sean had seemingly overlooked for years!

There was also a partitioning wall between the kitchen and dining room with an arch through which to walk and blocking out all light whilst being wholly pointless AND made of brick entirely… but not in a cool Manhattan loft way!

That wall was the first to come down. Sean did this himself. Great satisfaction and light followed despite that light showing up the monstrosity which was… those salmon rag rolled walls.

The floors between the rooms differed. In the kitchen lay some terracotta tiles and in the diner some dodgy dark wooden parquet flooring which ran through out the diner and the adjoining hallway….are you getting the picture..?

Then the floors came up. That was A BIG  job and both materials were stubborn to shift.



Once done, the walls were plastered and painted white and then the floor tiles arrived from Italy.  Acquiring the tiles was in itself a mission as they were ordered just at the time the Italians went on their extended Summer breaks and OMG, how we didn’t give up right there and then I do not know. Weeks after they were ordered they finally arrived and were laid throughout the downstairs and into the hallway too. We had a big delay to completing the kitchen so can I suggest, be very careful what and when you order anything from Italy!

We had by this point found a bespoke Kitchen joiner, Brett in a nearby village to Broadway. He came recommended and not overly priced, we described what we wanted and he tweaked a plan and knocked up a vision of our ideas.

When the units were all in place we hired a Kitchen painter and armed with the grey of all greys, Manor House Grey from Farrow & Ball she set about the job over a few days.
We sourced the appliances ourselves including the double Belfast sink and at the time this all came from AGA Rangemaster Group although I’m not certain the group exists in the same capacity but at the time it was very handy coming from the one place.

The fridge was an existing one and not wanting to fork out for a new one and with little space to work with in that corner Brett built a unit to fit around the fridge and beside it to act as a larder / ironing board cupboard. We use it for the former and it’s our pantry so to speak but with a baby I am now crying out for more space.

And…voila, just before Christmas and the moving in date the Kitchen was completed. WE used to throw a mean kitchen party (just the two of us) after a night out in the pub! One kitchen party did host some VIP singers including my brother Jules and the 75yr old neighbours we’re to be found dancing in it until 4am!

Life has changed somewhat. The kitchen parties stopped a while ago and now I can’t even believe we used to have them.

Here’s how it all turned out…













We have changes to make – I’m just perfecting the furniture now and this year is all about the WHITE!!

Thanks for reading, if you would like details of any of our suppliers or products then please drop me a line if not in the list below.









SINK, Cooker and Taps and Dishwasher – AGA Rangemaster / Divertimenti – AGA Rangemaster group

KITCHEN UNITS – Name and Number on request

FLOOR TILES  – Tiles of Stow

GREY & WHITE TILES – Stratford Tile Centre

PAINT – Manor House Grey, Farrow & Ball






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