Shop Meggie’s and then Coffee at Millie’s 

Before Christmas I headed over to Stow on the Wold for some last minute shopping, a change of scenery and because I had two special new places to check out belonging to Cotswold Bloggers – Millie and Meg

Millie and Meg who have been friends for 16 years and lived in and around the Cotswolds for many years have recently both branched out from their blogging, they are still doing it though so don’t worry you can keep up to date with their Cotswold adventures over on their Blog here…



My first stop was to Meg’s AMAZING shop… MEGGIE’S.

It’s just the kind of shop that I would want and that I have dreamt of having for too long. Filled with design orientated goodies from candles, cards, stationery and baby tableware – ‘ gifts, lifestyle and local things’… If you like Instagram shopping and Instabrands then you’ll be sure to like this shop and you can’t fail to appreciate how gorgeous it is from the outside, a Cotswold stone hidden gem, snuck in behind the church which looks small from the outside but which is deceptively big when you venture in!



I love this kind of shopping and adore these little knickknacks, ogling things which you might not know you need before you see them like these boxed Alphabet playing card words and letters..



Or this range of Children’s table ware and pregnancy and baby milestone cards, all great gifts for little ones, Mums to be and alike.



GORGEOUS stationery never escapes my grasp and theres’ plenty and Meggie’s… here’s a glimpse …




The whole shop is a delight and I can’t wait to give Rudy some of the purchases I came away with for his 1st birthday which is just around the corner. I also grabbed some party decorations that I had wanted to buy for ages having seen them on various other websites but managed to get them here instead at Meggie’s with without paying postage!



So onto Millie….

Millie had also just that week opened up her own Coffee Shop – Coach House Coffee just a few doors down from Meggie’s and what better way to recover from the expenditure than with a Skinny Latte…I also weakened at the sight of Banana bread which Rudy and I are more than a little partial to, it didn’t touch the sides it was SO good!



Millie’s lovely little coffee stop shop is warm and welcoming like her and her Mum behind the counter and the shop is stored with freshly made cakes, gluten-free specials, produce including eggs from local Farm Cackle Bean Eggs who supply their Arlington White eggs to some of the most exclusives places around and deliver to London once a week. We were also sent on our merry way with a non alcoholic hot toddy, which bearing in mind the weather was a welcome bonus.



The spacious Coffee shop even has a second floor!



You can find out more about Millie’s Coach House Coffee Shop on Twitter at @coachhousestow and on Instagram @coachhousecoffee

So after both visits I headed home via the shoe shop where I ended up ordering some ‘cruising shoes’ for my baby’s giant feet, more to follow on that story very soon!

I hope you enjoy visiting Stow on the Wold and paying both Millie and Meg a visit as much as we did 🙂











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