Hartpury Soap Company

Hartpury Soap Company

It just shows how much time I get to myself these days. It was hard enough getting around to running this bath (pictured) and jumping in it to savour some me time with my wine and new Hygge book, let alone to get around actually telling you about how I luxuriously soaked in the Patchouli and Geranium bath salts to my great satisfaction and joy!!

This was the bath I had about two weeks ago.. I have washed since I assure you, a snatched moment in the shower in between Mama baby duties and the general roll of life, from one pile of clothes to fold and put away to another load to wash and then starting a Digital Social Media course with Digital Mums, its all been a bit busy.



Hartpury Soap Company is a small independent brand based in rural Gloucestershire handmaking luxurious 100% natural, vegan, palm oil free products for body and home. Using the pure gifts from nature’s larder, a natural style and environmentally conscious packaging, Hartpury Soap Company products are made for those who crave health, luxury and natural beauty.

It’s founder Kim Freeman believes that nature provides everything we need for our health and wellbeing and that we deserve to treat our bodies and homes naturally with luxurious products that contain no artificial additives or harsh chemicals, and that in treating ourselves we should have no negative impact on other sentient beings or the environment.

Hartpury Soap Company products are free from artificial ingredients and harsh chemicals so they’re kind to your body, kind to the earth, kind to animals and celebrate the gift of Gaia. Their products are presented in glass bottles and jars, tins and recyclable Kraft bags and they never use plastic, so they’re perfect for reusing and recycling. For the environmental conscious amongst you, their packaging materials are always recycled, recyclable and / or compostable – good for you and good for the environment.

I relaxed in my bath with the Geranium and Patchouli Pink Himalayan Bath Salts, 100% natural with the added benefit of Epsom Salts, moisturising cocoa butter and pure Essential Oils…these can also double up as a wonderful dry body exfoliator, a great tip for the summer months when I am often in need of a bit of tan prep exfoliation.

These Salts are simply and prettily presented in a beautiful 50g, 100g or 250g glass bottle with cork stopper, and natural Kraft label and finished with a gorgeous ribbon from celebrated gift wrap guru Jane Means.


Bath Salts £6


The Soap is handmade using natural butters and oils to which Kim adds patchouli & geranium essential oils, which are both known for their sensual and relaxing properties to give you a restful addition to your bathroom ritual and decorate with a natural rose bud. The bar of soap is hand cut, decorated and wrapped in natural greaseproof paper and ribbon.

Kim has also developed a range of lovely little lip balms which come in cute little tins, a great stocking filler as are all of her products.

The lip balms are made to nourish, soothe and protect your skin whatever the weather conditions. Made of 100% natural ingredients including rosehip oil and argan oil and where applicable pure essential oils, Kim also uses Jojoba wax in place of bees wax making these balms suitable for their vegan customers. Presented in a sweet little 15ml tin they are ideal for taking with you wherever you go.

Top bonus tip with these is that this little balm with help keep your elbows and cuticles soft too as well as your lips!

I chose a geranium flavour, I do love a geranium it has to be said. It’s really lovely and reminds me of summer days, reminiscent of freshly cut grass and the smell of the greenhouse, Geranium might be an acquired taste but its a great one!



Geranium Lip balm £6


To find out more and to sign up to Kim’s Hartpury Soap Newsletter follow the link.

Happy bath time or why not just buy all of your family and friends a lovely #shoplocal bath time treat for their Christmas stocking.

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