Black & Beech, when Albert came to stay.

Rudy is now 10 months old, he’s teething continually but there’s still no teeth! How can this be ??

He grabs everything in sight; the bib, the pack of babies wipes whilst I change his nappy, the Sudocrem, the doorstops, my shoes, his feet, my nose and ….MY JEWELLERY !

He’s particular keen right now on my beautifully engraved 18 carat gold necklace, the one that he unwittingly gave me for Mother’s Day when he was about 7 weeks old when he was still the size of an Ant. Its not going to last long if I keep wearing it around him and so I am putting it away in favour of something a bit more substantial, still stylish but safe for all parties concerned, especially Daddy’s wallet.

In steps Black & Beech, a brand of contemporary jewellery designed with style-conscious women in mind.

Black & Beech has been designed for women who don’t want to sacrifice their sense of style but who need a practical solution to their baby’s endlessly grabbing hands. Black & Beech was born from both a practical and sartorial need.




This week I’m wearing ‘Albert’ or ‘Albie‘ as we’ve nicknamed him. He has fitted in very well with the family and he’s not going back. Albert is a simple, uncomplicated design so he’s quite suited to my style as I don’t like anything too fussy. He’s a classic kind of guy, smart and simple and will do me just fine… Albert does the trick for both me and for poor Rudy’s painful gums.





Made using food-grade silicone (free from all nasties as verified by their manufacturers) and unfinished wood the vibe is ‘scandi’ and design-focused.





As you can see below, Rudy thinks that Albert is wonderful and he has been merrily chewing away on him for the last few days. He shows no signs of stopping and wrestles me for him when ever he comes into sight.


The teething itself also shows no signs of stopping, we’re going to throw a party when we see an actual tooth, it’ll probably coincide with his first birthday at this rate! I think Albert has really helped him a lot this week and when he’s chewed him there’s been less need for Calpol which is always a good thing.

Here’s a few more styles and designs you can get your hands on at Black & Beech. They would make great Christmas presents for your friends with young babies or even stylish jewellery gifts for those who don’t ! Choose from a selection of just black or black and beech materials / colour.


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Happy teething to you all, pass me the Gin.



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