THE Dress of the summer at CotswoldCreate

THE Dress of the summer at CotswoldCreate

I bought a dress in July. I wore it out to our first proper day out the Members BBQ at The Dormy House Hotel . I instantly loved it, was complimented on it and I felt good despite the post baby weight.




I washed it, it shrank and I almost cried. I was having a bad day.

The dress bought from H&M was sold out everywhere. It wasn’t online, it wasn’t where I had bought it and it was as if it never existed. The day got steadily worse. 👿

I had an idea to reach out to my Insta family. One of my followers saw my plight and remembered that she had the exact same dress hanging in her wardrobe, unworn, label intact, the right size. By 11am the next day I had driven to Cheltenham to collect it.


A few days later another Insta friend and local shop owner Emily saw the dress whilst on holiday in Wales in an ‘off the beaten track’ store and also bought me one.

Low and behold, within a few hours the drama was brought to a close so I thought I would share with you THE DRESS which I now have two of (just in case I happen to malfunction with the washing machine again)


[supsystic-gallery id=11 position=center]



Dress…you’ve been a fabulous friend over the last couple of months and have been worn time and time again, so here’s a belated thank you to those equally fabulous insta friends.


Firstly to Bonny owner of THE BEST Fish and Chip shop in the Country – Simpsons Fish & Chips – (it really IS the best fish and chip shop by the way) Check out the website HERE for more details.

And secondly to the lovely Emily, owner of Wild at Heart gifts who has 3 gift and jewellery shops in and around the Cotswolds. You can see more about them and their newest shop in Broadway in my recent post – Wild at Heart is 10.  


Thank you girls, you literally saved the fashion day at CotswoldCreate.  😛


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