In the blink of an eye…

In the blink of an eye…

So many people said to me when I had Rudy 6 months ago ‘it goes so fast…he’ll be at school before you know it’ and they were right.

In the blink of an eye he’s already eating and sitting up in his highchair, sleeping in his own room, he has this week rolled over and the evil teeth are on their way..

When I won this photoshoot with Blink of an Eye Photography in the New Year I leapt at the chance to capture Rudy in all of his glorious smallness and let me tell you, born at 4lbs 13 oz he was smaller than most.

Already a couple of months old by the time we attended the shoot he was still small enough to be curled into the cutest of positions by the attentive photographer, malleable enough to be handled by someone he’d never seen and happy in his sleepy slumber that no one could wake him.

Rick took great care to capture Rudy at his best, gently moving him and making sure he didn’t wake.

Available in black and white and or colour the results were fabulous. We’d have bought more of them pictures if we didn’t have such a lot of other outgoings at the time but I am quite sure that in time we will order some additional pictures.

We chose some as printed versions which are framed and hung on Rudy’s wall ..




We had difficulty selecting the images to invest in as so many of them were beautiful but I was sure I wanted a good one of him and I and so settled on this one below as a digital purchase so that I can use it whenever I wish to.




If you have just had a little one or are looking for a portrait photographer in the area for a family, wedding or newborn photoshoot then do visit Blink of an Eye at their quaint studio just outside of the even quainter village of Twyning, Gloucestershire.

Rick and Natalie will look after you and you’ll have some simply stunning images to treasure forever. I’ll be looking at mine when he’s off to Uni!

Ciao for now


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