Cotswold Candle Company

Cotswold Candle Company

Like flowers, something I also ‘have’ to have at home are scented candles but there are so many on the market these days it makes it hard to choose which one to go for.

Some look pretty but don’t smell of much, some are so eye-wateringly expensive you wonder who on earth would pay so much for something that can’t really be THAT much better than its alternatives. Some smell amazingly good but look, well look pants (that would be a no-no in my house as I like things to look ‘just so’). Some are wooden wicked, some are Soy some are not, some have lids and some do not..and the list goes on …

For CotswoldCreate, if it looks good and the price point is reasonable I’ll consider a purchase…if it doesn’t smell of much when road tested then after that I’d probably not buy it again of course but I am a bit of a candle snob so I take my candle selection pretty seriously!

I was recently given a candle from the Cotswold Candle Company  by the very lovely Emily and Adrian of Wild at Heart in Broadway…(see previous post here.. for more info about Wild at Heart)



Cotswold Candles are made from a range of fragrances that have been inspired by the nature and beautiful countryside that surrounds us here in the Cotswolds. Polly, the founder of Cotswold Candle Co has set up the business from the kitchen table and like me was put off by paying exorbitant prices for something which she believed she could do just as well herself for a fraction of the price! I’m so glad that people like Polly exist!




The candle I was gifted was – Sweet Pea, a scent and flower very close to my heart being my late Father’s favourite and a flower which he was an expert at growing.

Sweet pea


The candles from Cotswold Candle Co. are made from a mixture of soy and mineral waxes to ensure the best scent throw possible whilst keeping carbon emissions to a minimum. The fragrance oils are all UK cosmetic graded.



Gorgeous clean and crisp packaging makes me very happy and this comes in spades with this candle…


The burn time is around 35 hours and once you’ve burnt the candle for the initial couple of hours as per the instructions inside and trimmed the wooden wick, the scent which awaits you makes the candle a very worthy contender to any of the big names on the high street. See here for more details about how to make he best out of your candle.. 

Priced at only £18 which I think is a fantastic price point especially in comparison to many,  you really can’t go wrong with this candle.

The scent of the Sweet Pea is exquisite and long-lasting, wafting through the house and filling me with happy memories.

I lit this candle so often that it didn’t last too long but only because of that, not the burn time, I need a new one, and I need it soon!

A vibrant and sweet accord combining this favourite English bloom with hints of rose and hyacinth



Here’s a snapshot of some of the other fragrances available at Cotswold Candle Co. I’m itching to try them all especially White Mulberry and with its monochromatic packaging it’ll fit in nicely at CotswoldCreate’s place!


A big thumbs up for this candle and thank you for the gift guys, I’ll be back to buy some more very soon.

For more details about Cotswold Candle Co. please visit the website here.. ..


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  1. 26th June 2016 / 9:58 pm

    Dear Georgie Thank you SO much for the really lovely review, and for being willing to give my candles a second chance! So pleased you like the sweet pea one. I’m really touched by the review. Thank you again.

    Just to let you know that the link in your email doesn’t link it to the page – I had to search in June for it.

    Lol Polly x

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    • 26th June 2016 / 9:59 pm

      Hi Polly ..You are very welcome- week…I’ll fix the link now xx

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