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In the not too distant past I’ve had a tendency to spend quite a lot of money on beauty products and make-up mostly in a ‘impulse buying moment’, the regrettable type. I’ve often returned home to find that either I already have what I’ve just come back with or it becomes flavour of the month for about five minutes until I am on to the next impulse purchase! This pattern of behaviour isn’t very conducive to my Maternity leave funds and trust me, SMP won’t cover much let alone impulse buying.

However, something that has stuck and which I’ve not regretted is my number one beauty product of the last couple of years … this little gem in a bottle… the Instant Firming Beauty shot – part of the keep young and beautiful range by REN Skincare. 




I grab mine nowadays from the local beauty and interiors boutique in Broadway, tonic 

Liz, the owner is so helpful and always make me choose the right products meaning that A) I am no longer impulse buying and instead buying with all the knowledge I need for a good purchase (I trust Liz to tell me what I need) and B) I’m shopping in beautiful surroundings with a cup of coffee on offer !  A good chat is also always guaranteed.

The Instant firming beauty shot glides onto my skin before my daily moisturiser and foundation. It provides a good base, a firming ‘does what it says on the bottle’ feel and even more usefully I can reapply it all day over the top of make up for a firming freshen up.

So, I’m about to run out of my beauty shot…off to tonic I go.

For more information about tonic in Broadway, or to book an appointment call 01386 852065 –  website coming very soon.


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