I must have flowers, always and always 

I must have flowers, always and always 

This post is another quick one and also a little late but it’s a pretty one so I’m loathed to let it fall into my recycle bin.

I loved my 1st Mother’s Day or as I have always preferred to call it Mothering Sunday. I’m a traditionalist and have always made sure my own Mother’s card has contained that wording over the more popular ‘Mother’s Day’. The message failed to reach my husband but I’ll forgive him as I had 3 cards and despite the lack of ‘Mothering Sunday’he did very well and I loved all 3!


I also had a blooming array of flowers from my husband and new baby son and he chose well. There were tulips galore and my otherwise monochrome interior was transformed with flashes of colour in every room.

There were also healthy amounts of Daffodils, Cream Roses, Eucalyptus and Pussy Willow the latter two I love using on their own usually in any of my Kahlër Design Omaggio vases. Both blooms last ages…

Monet’s famous quote above sums it up really. I was once lucky enough to visit his incredible gardens at Giverny and if you like flowers then I recommend a day trip there when you are next in Paris.



So basically I was a very spoilt and lucky Mummy, Mother, Mama ….whatever you want to call it and my husband knows…

See you soon

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  1. Jane Kaye
    1st April 2016 / 5:43 pm

    Well written – yes flowers make your heart sing! I wish I had someone, other than myself, who filled my home with gorgeous blooms. Having said that my 4 children know how much I appreciate having bouquets on special occasions! ????????

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