Bottlegreen Christmas 

Bottlegreen Christmas 

Gosh, is Christmas really only 11 days away!? I have to say, I’m not much looking forward to a tea total one but thankfully I have my ever faithful range of drinks from Bottlegreen drinks to provide the ideal alternative to either alcoholic beverages and, if anyone pops around I may even share them as they can of course be added to the ‘spirits’ of the season to enhance a festive tipple – or 2!


The Cotswold drinks company’s collection of soft drinks provides the ideal alternative to alcoholic beverages and can also be used to enhance alcohol staples of the season. They have some new and exciting flavours added to the collections, but also the introduction of an exciting line of mixers joining the bottlegreen family. These new additions give people even more ways to treat themselves to the taste of bottlegreen – especially at this time of year.

Here’s some ideas for you …

BRING OUT THE BUBBLY… bottlegreen Elderflower Pressé



Fizz lovers can enjoy a sip of non-alcoholic bubbly with bottlegreen’s sparkling elderflower pressé. bottlegreen’s signature drink blends the fresh, clear taste of handpicked elderflowers with pure, sparkling Cotswold spring water. 

750ml | £2.39 | Available from Tesco and Waitrose



MISTLETOE & WINE … bottlegreen Spiced Berry Cordial 

IMG_3306A soft take on the traditional mulled wine recipe, this full-bodied cordial can be enjoyed hot or cold. Plump, juicy blackcurrants and arena berries have been teamed with a variety of aromatic spices, which fill the house with festive aromas when heated.

500ml | £3.15 | Available from Waitrose




JUST THE TONIC… bottlegreen Tonic Waters


bottlegreen’s 5 mixers add a touch of sparkle to cocktails and Gin & Tonics. Alongside Classic and Light options, these five infused mixers include a signature Elderflower flavour and a bitter grapefruit and a Pink mixer infused with Pomegranate and Elderflower. 

500ml | £1.69 | Available from Waitrose


MERRY & BRIGHT… bottlegreen Elderflower & Elderberry Pressé



Beautifully rich claret red of the season, bottlegreen’s elderberry pressé combines the original flavour of elderflowers with the tart, richness of elderberries and Cotswold Spring water. This delicious combination gives a fabulously fruity and decadently rich soft drink. 

750ml | £2.39 | Available from Waitrose



(Based on a dilution ratio of 1:10, one bottle of bottlegreen cordial makes around 6 litres or 22 servings. )


Hmm..which shall I have first… see you soon!



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