Feeling festive in Broadway 

Feeling festive in Broadway 

It has to be said, I’ve been more than a little lax on my blog posting of late.

What with being 29 weeks pregnant and with Christmas around the corner there’s been lots on to keep me busy and keep me away from writing, writing anything, as well as my Christmas cards. EEK.


This weekend we’ve Christmas shopped at Broadway’s annual Christmas Shopping event,  we’ve done some Nursery decorating, we’ve been to get the tree and decorated it in record time and I’ve managed to squeeze some downtime at The House Spa (The Dormy House) as well as a FANTASTIC Chinese meal at The Mayflower in Cheltenham. The Mayflower (by the way) is well worth a visit for a truly authentic Chinese meal at a family run restaurant which has been open since 1982!!

So, Baby has been well fed and I wish he was here now to see the tree!




All in all a very festive weekend

Ciao for now




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