If like me you were recently shocked by the falling price of milk and the obvious affect this is having on our dairy farmers then you may be interested in an event this weekend to support them!

A family dairy farm, nestled in the Cotswolds, is trying to raise awareness of alternative ways to buy milk, other than through the supermarkets.

Nell’s Dairy, based in Stow on the Wold,  Gloucestershire, will host an afternoon event at Burford Garden Centre on Saturday 26th September, where it will be on hand to demonstrate its novel milk vending stations, located around the Cotswolds, where you can buy fresh Organic Guernsey milk around the clock at the touch of a button….like this one, a permanent fixture at The Kingham Plough…


Customers will be able to try the rich creamy Guernsey milk itself, as well as dishes cooked with it, and recipe cards will be available to take away.

Milk enthusiasts will be able to talk to the family about their passion for milk as it used to be – full fat and non-homogenised, and how they came across the idea of the milk stations.

The family hope the event will help raise awareness amongst the public of different ways to ensure that dairy farmers receive a fair price for their product, and prove that fresh local milk is the best way to go.

“We are excited to launch our dairy campaign on September 26th and are hoping for a strong turnout from those in the local and surrounding areas. We hope we can prove to people that our fresh Guernsey milk is a great product – not just in terms of taste but also in terms of the many health benefits it can provide. We really wanted to drive home to customers that there are other ways you can get access to fresh milk.”

Click here to buy your Guernsey milk online….delivered straight to your door!

Nell’s Dairy only milk once a day. This results in a lower yield, but more importantly, less stress for the cows — and a less stressed cow means better tasting milk!

Nell’s pasteurise the milk the old-fashioned way, heating it gently to eliminate germs whilst retaining its goodness and creamy flavour. They don’t homogenise it, believing this to be a modern process which unnecessarily standardises all milk. Nell’s milk remains as natural as possible.

I hope you can make it to the event on Saturday 26th September and in turn can spread the word about the alternatives to supermarket milk, hidden around a few corners of the Cotswolds.

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