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I had such fun afternoon on Friday visiting the Bottlegreen Drinks HQ and Factory in Stroud, real Cotswold Country.

Having been asked to be a bottlegreen Ambassador I was delighted to accept and was treated to an afternoon of Cocktail and ‘Mocktail’ making followed by a factory tour and tasting session.


When I arrived at the factory in Stroud their famous Elderflower cordial was in the making and what better choice being the signature cordial of Bottlegreen drinks.


Started by husband and wife team Kit and Shireen Morris in 1989, bottlegreen has been making refreshing, clean crisp flavours for over 21 years. They first planted vines to make delicious elderflower wine, but as they waited for them to mature, they started producing elderflower cordial instead. They made this in their kitchen sink and sold it at farmers markets and local delicatessens.

My fellow Ambassadors and I were lucky enough to have the chance to blend some of their gorgeous flavours, cordials and mixers to create our very own concoctions ….I’m not sure we were very good at it but at least they all looked pretty even if our flavour combinations were slightly dubious!


This is what we came up with…..


Bottlegreen Drinks Co. has always believed in creating the finest and most natural soft drinks possible. Blending wonderfully sublime flavours into the most exquisite drinks is their one driving passion. It really is all about the taste. Bottlegreen Drinks Co. invites you to experience these delicate, subtle flavours for yourself in their award-winning and beautifully crafted drinks range.

For some tried and tested recipes you may like to check out the link here….

Cocktail making done, we were taken on a fascinating tour of the factory to see the process from start to finish. Donning our very attractive hairnets, white coats, special heavy duty shoes and high viz vests we were then escorted into the sweet smelling factory, a hive of activity with bottling in full flow.


It was mind boggling to see the bottling process in action, one after another headed for their destinations but all started here in the heart of the Cotswolds.


If you are looking for a delicious and refreshing soft drink, I challenge you to find a better one than the selection from Bottlegreen. Keep a look out for the new ranges coming soon ….

I’d love to hear your favourite flavour…?  Mine is definitely lemonade and mint…

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