The Culotte…

The Culotte…

Where are you at with the concept of Culottes..?

kjuːˈlɒt(s)/ noun

women’s knee-length trousers, cut with full legs to resemble a skirt.

Personally I’m a Culotte enthusiast. I now have two pairs bought this season and whilst I have only worn one pair so far, I know they are a winner.

According to Wikipedia…

Culottes are an item of clothing, originally the knee-breeches commonly worn by gentlemen of the European upper-classes from the late Middle Ages or Renaissance through the early nineteenth century. This style of tight trousers ending just below the knee was first popularized in France during the reign of Henry III (1574–1589)

Here’s how I wore mine yesterday on a quick trip to London. They were so comfortable and with the added heal height cut for a feminine and classic look.

Culottes from ‘Therapy’ House of Fraser, now in sale for £9.50 online, click on the link. I am wearing size 12.

SO comfy and due to the crepey type material and they didn’t crease all day despite being on the train for a total of 4 hours!!

Check out this week’s Hello Mag UK for the very useful Culottes edit…..there are so many pairs out there on line or in the high street right now…I predict there’ll be a lot more culottes on view anytime soon.

Here’s a pair I saw yesterday when in London…


ZARA Denim culottes, £19.99…click on the picture for link

Let me know how you get on with your Culottes purchase or what you think of the whole Culottes trend..? Are you a lover or a hater..?

Happy Sunday!

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