Modern Calligraphy at ‘Drink, Shop & Do’.

What a wonderful day we had yesterday trying out Modern Calligraphy hosted by the lovely Lucy at Quill London and taught by the super talented Immie Owen.


My lovely friend Charlotte and I made our way to London from varying parts of the Cotswolds meeting at St Pancras for a quick coffee (and toasted tea cake as its calorie free on a Bank Holiday) as well as a high speed Design catch up, landing at Fortnums St Pancras Station (as you do!)


We then hopped only a few steps away to the Caledonian Road for our Modern Calligraphy Workshop taking place in the über cool Drink, Shop & Do Cafe.


This is a seriously trendy, creating / doing cafe come shop oozing with creativity, buzz and design delights at every turn. LOVED IT!!


Drink Dance Do

So…the Calligraphy Workshop which Charlotte and I had been so excited about attending, we’d been counting the days in fact..began at 2.30pm and boy, its harder than it looks let me tell you.


The concentration going on around the room was intense and my competitive streak was in full force, glancing to the side to see who was mastering the technique quicker than I.

Immie talked us through the steps bit by bit (and in varying levels of difficulty) as the afternoon continued we had progressed from the relatively basic forms above to the much more difficult alphabet below.

IMG_6682    IMG_6688

The last stage (accompanied with cake and tea – also calorie free) was to master an actual word, yes, a real joined up letters word, or phrase if you were so bold. I was less bold and so the brilliant phrase I had selected to try out was quickly swapped for a much simpler ‘Cotswold Create’

How do you think I did…I know, it’s not great but they say practice makes perfect so bear with… (I thought my whistle was pretty good though!)

IMG_6776  IMG_6778

What I wore (btw) – leather jacket, black skinnies, lemon pumps and of course, with Louis to accompany me.


For more information about Immie’s workshop please click here…

Bring on the next course….Brush Lettering by Quill London…that one I am REALLY excited about too.

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  1. 5th May 2015 / 9:55 pm

    Indeed, writing beautifully is not at all easy. I have studied calligraphy and there are many elements to keep in mind (as proportions, shapes, speed and pressure). But it does have a lovely satisfaction factor when seeing the pretty results, isn’t it? I felt like a Jane Austen novel character writing a letter haha

    ~ ~

    • 12th May 2015 / 7:57 pm

      Sorry for the delayed reply @EMILYROSE Yes its jolly well difficult and strangely satisfying all at once 🙂

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