Feeling great! – ‘Core Body Cleanse’

Feeling great! – ‘Core Body Cleanse’

It’s been while since I blogged, such a busy week at work and I was also preoccupied with a new experience…..cleansing !!

I have never ‘done’ a body cleanse or been without just about EVERYTHING in a normal diet until now but my sister mentioned that she had found this great 3 day body cleanse called (CORE BODY CLEANSE) quite nearby to her in Stratford-upon-Avon. She had just finished with great results, so, I wasted no time in looking it up online and finding out more. I am so glad I did.


I had been feeling pretty sluggish and rotten for a few weeks, the pounds had also crept on from over indulgence in one form of celebration or another and so I was keen to try out and see if it would help make me feel a little more energised and if I lost weight too then an added bonus!

I contacted Brock via the Core Body Cleanse website where you can read all about why to cleanse and how to cleanse! Brock was great and he talked me through which kind of cleanse would be best for me. I explained that I was quite active using the gym and running etc and so the thought of no actually food for 3 days concerned me a little but that I was also keen to have as many nutrients as possible. Brock recommend their signature 3 day cleanse which is designed for all round balance and is advisable for someone who is new to cleansing. You can do just the 1 or 2 days if you prefer. I wanted fast results so opted for the 3 days..

Their expert cleanse has a higher level of alkalizing green juices and if you’re looking for a more nutrient packed cleanse with less fruit this may be for you.

Brock says ”It has been specifically designed to deliver 6 low sugar balanced alkalised juices a day to regulated the blood sugar level and reduce acidity along with burning stubborn unwanted fat”.

Whether you choose the 1,2 or 3 day cleanse programme Brock or Gareth will deliver your fresh organic juices directly to your door and mine arrived on Sunday evening, freshly cold pressed that day and all ready for me to conquer from Monday morning..


What you get….

You get 6 x 250ml bottles per day packed with organic produce.. you also get full advice and guidance along the way and they also provide a 21 day follow-up meal planner with each cleanse to help keep the weight off!


I was slightly daunted by the whole prospect of not having any food until Thursday morning but by Monday morning was revved up to start. I enjoyed the first juice, the ‘Energizer’ which was packed with banana, dates, almond milk vanilla, cinnamon and actually of all the juices this was by far my favourite. To follow, mid morning came the Toxin Reducer, a mixture of Beetroot, Apple, Carrot, Ginger, Lemon…this was probably he one I least liked but it was a vital part of the regime! And so on, throughout the day about 2 and a half hours apart I drank my juice and did without food, coffee, tea and basically anything else you could think of.

By Monday late afternoon I was starting to feel a bit weird so I emailed Brock who came straight back to me to explain that my body was already in cleanse mode and he suggested I ate some almonds (the one food allowed) to take the edge off. By Monday evening I was feeling a bit peeky so had an early night and tried to think about food.

By Tuesday morning I had lost 2 lbs already (hooray) and the day continued in much the same way. Whilst I didn’t feel that hungry which amazed me, I was definitely experiencing the effects of no caffeine and the toxin reducing effects of the cleanse but by Tuesday evening I was in full swing and again made sure that I had an early night, taking all fridge raiding temptation away from me! The husband Hawk loved it, he has never had and so much peace!

Wednesday was a breeze…I thought that I would be ravenous but the juices did really fill me up and along with the odd handful of Almonds I was perfectly satisfied.

By Thursday, when the cleanse was over I had lost almost 5 lbs and I felt great and  despite not having eaten for 3 days I didn’t grab the nearest burger but instead opted for a banana for breakfast and an apple as a mid morning snack, I even went to find a juice, I was missing my juice fix!

3 days later I am still feeling great and having now had a few meals and glasses of wine the weight is still off, I am eating less because frankly my stomach must have shrunk and I am feeling really great.

I would really recommend you trying out this cleanse and hope you feels as great as I do now!

About the guys

Brock Berling and Gareth Cole are both fully trained chefs with over 40 years in hotels and restaurants, over the last few years we have gained knowledge by working first hand in the sports and nutrition industry through gyms and juice bars. Along this journey we have taken our knowledge of food and flavours and combined this by working with a fully trained nutritionist to create our perfectly designed alkalizing juices to not only taste great but fuel the body with all the essential nutrients it needs.

The signature cleanse prices start from just £30 per day and can be delivered to your door.

Contact them for more information at the website here…

That’s it for now, I am off to continue my healthy lifestyle at the gym! 🙂 Let me know if you try the cleanse and how you get on!!

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