My Top Five Fitness tips for ’15


I LOVE to exercise in fact I am just off to the gym now for a PT session to start the day and start the week.

I was a late starter to exercising, discovering Running and the Gym in my early thirties I have been pretty much addicted to them both ever since. Both for my body and mind, regular exercise has kept my serotonin levels higher and my body in much better shape than it was in for the whole my twenties and my adolescent years.


I was over weight for the majority of those years, even earning myself the nickname ‘Lard’ from my siblings. But I decided as I turned 30 that this had to change and having worked in many health clubs during those years without really developing a convincing routine and without much willpower I made the change. I have never looked back since.


These days as I approach my 40’s, fitness for me is an essential part of my day and week and something I could now never do without. As hard as I find it to drag myself out of the door sometimes I don’t compromise on exercise and I always make sure that my week has something scheduled in, if not daily then I find the time to get a sweat on at least a couple of times a week.


Whether I am running alone or in a group, weight training in the gym, spinning, personal training, attending Bootcamp or going for a Mountain bike ride or a long walk in the countryside, I always feel a great sense of achievement and the more exercise I do, the more food I can enjoy and the more Rosé too of course!!

So…the number one Fitness tip I have to share with you is …

1) DO LOTS, LOADS, AS MUCH AS YOU CAN AND YOU WILL FEEL GREAT FOR IT!!!  (without of course overdoing it)

Listen to your body and don’t do too much too quickly. Your body will tell you when you have done enough and when you haven’t…


If you feel the part and look the part you will be far more inclined to get out of the door or into the gym. When you feel the part you will probably be inclined to work hard and this will add to your overall fab feeling and you’ll be proud of yourself! Again..don’t rush about spending hundreds of pounds on new gear… be clever with your purchases. Great collections are available on the high street as well as with the bigger brands. Of course we all love Nike but places like H&M do excellent, black, neon, fashion savvy fitness collections right now.. 
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3) Train about 3 times a week if you can

Even if its only for 20 minutes a time, get out there and run in the park or along the river, feel the air on your face and the its such a cliche I know… but the wind in your hair. If you don’t like running then get into the gym, raise your heart rate and feel alive!

Find a Personal trainer who you can trust and who can get you on track to start with .. even 20 minutes a day or 3 times a week is better than nothing and it all helps believe me!

4)  Eat enough.

Make sure that the more training you do the more food you have with a good mixture of protein, carbs and good fats. Eat at regular intervals too… my personal trainer is always telling me to have 5 small meals a day. A great breakfast high in protein is important and I have started having a Protein shake with a banana or a couple of boiled eggs. But also have some little, healthy snacks throughout the day too. Eat more at lunchtime and breakfast and less in the evening.

5) Vary your exercise.

There’s nothing more dull than doing the same thing time and time again. Whether that’s doing the same gruelling gym routine over and over or running the same run route every day, swap it around, keep it fresh and keep your mind as interested as your body. The variation in exercise teaches your body to adapt and to work harder, your muscles can get as complacent as you so its important to mix it up.


Have great workout, and a great week AND REMEMBER don’t make excuses….


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