Chevron and on and on an on !!

Chevron and on and on an on !!

Is it just me or are Chevrons EVERYWHERE right now? Don’t get me wrong, I love them and they feature in my home, on my new look blog design, as my inspiration and my plans for future interiors. What a resurgence of them there’s been in interiors, fashion and design in general. There’s something about the chevron that is so pleasing… a clean and simple V shaped patterned, usually mixed with another in white which creates a pleasing, uniform edge pattern, exuding some how a touch of cool. I have a variation on a theme going on with them in my living room right now… these cushions are more geometric than Chevron but you get the drift.


On a theme of Chevron, these geometric cushions. Also, featuring Kähler design’s Omaggio vases, in black and white and the very special Jubileum 175 Anniversary in Gold & White.

IMG_3229 The Chevrons we saw today at House Spa, The Dormy House Hotel, were varied. There were the grey and white ones in the form of throws folded neatly and uniformly over the backs of some bark patterned chaise longs. My sister had googled these in the time it took for the words ‘look at the CHEVRON throws’ spotting sentence to even pass the lips and had located, priced and presented me with varying purchase options forthwith at a far cheaper price than I would have found and all at break neck speed. I wonder sometimes whether she may in fact be linked secretly to GCHQ, such is the information she has at her fingertips and, perhaps if she wasn’t renovating a large house and being Mummy to 3 it could have been a promising if not late career change for her!!


The Dormy House Spa decor

In fact as Chevrons go, amongst other subjects she was pretty useful today. I mean she’s always pretty useful, well you are if you are a Spook aren’t you, but she came armed with some other top secret information which I daren’t share with you…oh, ok I will. There’s a sale on at Debenhams and these are in it!! The metallic sparkly version of the Chevron from Betty Jackson Black. I have to get to them, before you do.

Betty Jackson Black, Metallic Chevron cushion

Betty Jackson Black, Metallic Chevron cushion

There were also some fab Red & White cushions which ‘The Spook’ failed to find the source of but you’ll have to believe me when I say that this was not for want of trying…and involved a rather embarrassing incident with someone else’s laptop wires and almost resulted in a very expensive trip! Moving on…when I bought a diary this year I went a little far, the other side of the world actually.  Having seen this beauty below in all its glorious Chevron packaging on Instagram I HAD TO HAVE IT. It arrived like this packed in perfection of black & white zig zags, it took a while to unwrap not wanting to disturb the beauty before me and now sits proudly on my desk. (more to follow on my desk)


An Organised Life, Black & White chevron wrapped stationery.

This month’s Elle Decoration aka The Bible, features a spot on the Chevron rug, below here’s a few available right now, or you could pop over to Ikea and find the one which matches my geometric cushions.


Chevron and Herringbone rugs

Ikea Black & White rug… lappljung-ruta-rug-low-pile__0185490_PE337503_S4 lappljung-ruta-rug-low-pile__0245487_PE384229_S4 And here’s a little more Chevron inspiration for you….Tory Murphy does a great range of cushions and throws all made in England. IMG_3256 ”Tori had a firm belief in English textile production and through perseverance she succeeded in finding weavers in Lancashire, finishers in Yorkshire and machinists in Nottingham willing to support her. From her first fabric run of 8 metres, Tori made a capsule collection of throws and cushions which she exhibited in London in June 2012 and it was here she took her first order from a boutique on London’s New King’s Road, signalling the launch of Tori Murphy Ltd.”Now with stockists in 8 countries, including Harrods, Selfridges, Heal’s, Daylesford Organic, Actus and Lane Crawford, Tori and her team operate from a studio in Nottingham and continue to work hard to grow a creative and determined English homeware brand.”


As featured by Loaf


Merino Lambswool Cushion £65 at Heal’s or direct from

Merino Lambswool Cushion £65 at Heal's or direct from

Merino Lambswool Cushion £65 at Heal’s or direct from

Here’s some of Tory’s wares I spied at Daylesford today




So that’s just a little taster of the Chevron, thanks to ‘The Spook’ for her input, I shall let you know if she ever does venture to Cheltenham for that career shift.


Enjoy Chevron hunting and please don’t get that cushion before I manage to!

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  1. 26th January 2015 / 9:44 am

    Ooh…trip to Daylesford soon I think. Loving Tory Murphy.

    • 26th January 2015 / 9:46 am

      Yes, def! .. twas coincidence i was going yesterday and only discovered her on Saturday!

      • 26th January 2015 / 12:45 pm

        AMAZING discovery!

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