The Clutch – ooh ces't chic

No..not the car variety. The Clutch, that ever so little or can be ever so oversized, envelope type handbag reserved mainly for evening outings. Where they are concerned, well, I have an ever so slight problem. I can’t stop buying them. In fact I buy them at a far more regular rate than I even get to go out for the evening but, I love them and at Sale time never more so!

Some of my most recent beauties include….a couple of very affordable Miss Selfridge large envelopes in Black and Rose Pink. There was also a Lemon one but I did actually manage some self constraint here and settled with just the two.

Annoyingly (for me anyway) they are now in the sale grrrrrr..but, I was going to Paris for the weekend so thought they might be ever so ‘chic, tongue in cheek’



This Gold number came out most recently with my wedding shoes, but I think I’ve since found a better one to replace her….see below…and it goes without saying I’d like the actual matching Jimmy bag but I expect that this will NEVER happen!



This gold, envelope zippy one was steal this week in the Accesorize sale at £4.50! There was also a White one which again I stopped myself buying, but ….tomorrow’s another day…????

And then there’s this starry beauty which I avoided in GAP last year but again found in the end of season sale.


The bigger problem is that now I have my eye on some really fabulous, eye wateringly expensive ones. Like the one my sister and I pawed yesterday whilst doing a little shopping in Broadway.

Sue Parkinson’s shop has a dangerous array of mighty fine specimens like Clemmie, the Mulberry clutch, yours for a mere £695!

It goes without saying that Clemmie comes in a variety of colours


Don’t even get me started on the Anya Hindmarch collection.

But instead, this year I’m going to concentrate my efforts on attaining one from one of my favourite brands, Modalu. I am lucky to own a couple of Pippa’s and think they really need some company from the likes of…Erin, a very decently priced leather beauty.


It happens to be my birthday quite soon, so watch this space ????


Tres Chic



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