A post Christmas excess walk from Broadway to Chipping Campden

There’s nothing like a long brisk walk in the frosty air to wake you up from your festive food slumber. Yesterday was an absolutely glorious Winter’s Day, the frost was deep and crisp and even and with my new camera ( kindly gifted by my husband) he and I dragged ourselves out of the warm and cosy nest in order to battle the elements!    Photo 29-12-2014 11 26 16 (2)

We drove up to the Broadway Tower and parked up for the day. Donning our boots and new furry ear protectors (errrmm…. that was me, not my husband) we walked from the Broadway Tower along the long escarpment to Dover’s Hill, the site of the famous Cotswold Summer Olimpick Games! It really is beautiful up here and the views are breathtaking, as they all are along this popular walkers route.

Photo 29-12-2014 12 43 06                     Photo 29-12-2014 12 42 06


My camera came in very useful here and along the way …. and Hawk managed to take a few snaps of his beloved much to his annoyance throughout the day.

Photo 29-12-2014 12 41 08


Photo 29-12-2014 12 41 20


We walked an hour or so onwards the longer route around to Chipping Campden where we stopped for a very well deserved lunch at The Noel Arms. Some very special Cheesy Nachos to share followed by a gorgeous Mushroom and Watercress soup and chips, well we had walked miles by this point and needed something to soak up the Pinot Grigios after all. Great service here and definitely a great place to stop mid walk.

We couldn’t stop long however as I was keen to get back up the hill and all the way back to the Broadway Tower to see the sunset. It’s such a joy up there to see that sight and chasing sunsets is set to become a new hobby of mine for 2015.

More pictures to follow when I have worked out how to take them off the new snazzy camera!


Photo 28-12-2014 15 54 51

Photo 28-12-2014 15 53 11



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