A perfect place to take a #chelfie????????????

A perfect place to take a #chelfie????????????

I’m not sure I saw much going on with any horses but what a beautiful setting Cheltenham race course is in. It’s worth going to see the Gee Gees ???????? just for the views. I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve made there in all the time I’ve lived here but it’ll certainly be a date firmly fixed in my calendar


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I put a couple of bets on, one in memory of my recent Paris trip as the horse was called Monetaire. It came third which is good as I had put my bet on each way but, at £2.50 .. I don't think I was ever going to be too rich even if it won!




We had a great day… Rose, Sophie Jules and I started (as you do) at The Montpellier Wine BarThe Montpellier Wine Bar

Funnily enough that’s where we ended …Oops!

We were taxi’d over to the race course which was a bargain at £7.50 and set about collecting our race card and finding the Champagne bar #obvs

Once the important things were achieved we placed our bets on the first race and then we were away and off to a flying start with our handy Rose who seemed to know the form impressively well! She’s a dark ????!

A busy day was had. Topping up the bubbles and bumping into old friends and acquaintances, and making new friends too. It was really a very lovely day out.

The weather was crisp and bright, just perfect for a November day and just right for ‘the coat’ to get its second event outing! It looked a treat coupled with the Trilby and I felt pretty swish with my knee high boots and a satisfying outfit moment was achieved.


I saw some sights mind you and this was one of them, yuk!!


And some much nicer ones too ..





Roll on the next race day… I’ll be there with bells on! ???????????????????? if not only to take another #chelfie



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  1. 26th November 2014 / 7:16 pm

    Great article. 12th/13th December are the next race days at Cheltenham or how about New Year’s Day. And for anyone not as lucky to live locally, we are about 17 miles away so a nice easy journey.

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