Dozens of delectable dishes @ The Chefs Dozen

Dozens of delectable dishes @ The Chefs Dozen

I’ve kind of been delaying on writing this post only because its about Food!

Historically my relationship with food hasn’t been great. I’ve spent the last 5 or so years trying to break up with it to varying degrees of success and the preceding 30 years not realising that I needed to break up with it. All in all, a relationship of denial. An unhappy blend of me REALLY, REALLY Ioving it in almost all of its guises and more particularly of IT loving me. Or as I see it hating me. It doesn’t like, in particular my bottom, my thighs, my stomach my arms and of course cheeks. Sadly it doesn’t much mind my breast area instead preferring to bolster other bird like areas, the already plump, juicy and ample ones!!! ????

But I couldn’t delay any longer for fear of forgetting the delights that I must tell you about ! We were in for a treat last Saturday evening. Having heard about the success of The Chef’s Dozen…  Read more…..






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