A day out at Daylesford … a quick post!

A day out at Daylesford … a quick post!

What can I say about Daylesford which hasn’t already been said………….?


Simple. Perfect. Great



It deserves a page all of its own on my humble blog and being a novice blogger I’m not certain I can even do it justice!

It’s is my FAVOURITE place in the Cotswolds, and again, very luckily for me it’s just on the doorstep, around 25 minutes drive from Broadway. Nearby the very pretty village of Kingham and nestled in the glorious Gloucestershire countryside (just the other side of Stow on the Wold) hides the marvel that is Daylesford Organic Farm.

Fabulous branding guide you into the car park, promising nothing but delight once you’ve dodged the 4×4’s of the London set who flock here in droves every day of the week.

The Bamfords really are clever. They just get it right everytime and keep getting it right …just wait for my post about their restaurant / pub/ hotel very recently opened The Wild Rabbit …you won’t even believe me when I post that one!!!

The people, the colours, the ambience, the decor, the stock……oh and the packaging ….from the moment you walk through the door with sights like this to greet you…




A man in hunters, green trousers with salmon and a giant bottle of the best Rosé on the the planet ! Photo courtesy of Mr Léoube himself, Jerome …….all in a day’s work at Daylesford!

Incidentally, here is the best Rosé on the planet, from Château Léoube.  I’m not certain I should be sharing it with you. The one I love best is called The Secret and I ought to have kept it that way, though that would be selfish and I know you’ll love it too!



So…yesterday I met up with my friend Charlotte. Charlotte is a Graphic Designer. She is pretty cool and talented. A Designer is something I would like to be, but which I can only dream of being. It’s too late now and I’d have to retrain and frankly, I just haven’t got the time because I’m so busy keeping you all updated on my Cotswold life, really I couldn’t possibly fit it in. And anyway I am much more useful finding jobs for designers and am much better at it. Art never was my forté despite my appreciation of other people’s …

Anywayzzzz…Charlotte and I caught up and barely drew breathe whilst we slurped Green tea and Skinny lattes, accompanied by heart shaped jammy dodgers and chocolate brownies. The only thing missing was lavender shortbread but I’m struggling to find that anywhere ? Answers on a postcard if you know who serves it please…


IMG_3487.JPG      IMG_3482-1       IMG_3485





Charlotte’s helping me with my blog. She’s actually got her own pretty great one too.. It’s called ‘Whatsnottolove’ but she hasn’t much time for it just now and anyway she very kindly seems far more interested in helping me get mine looking fabulous ( watch this space) …she’s a real love ????




It’s pumpkin time at Daylesford …and they are everywhere, the whole place looks great …we visited on a special Pumpkin day mind you but I’ve seen their Insta posts and there’s still plenty to be had if like me you’ve not got yours yet … pop down to the farm!


IMG_3497.JPG           IMG_3498.JPG


And then there’s the beautiful florist ..and the shop which sells the loveliest set of candles you could want for.. Geranium, Lavender, Fig, Bergamot…all a steal from £20.

Over in the main barn as well as the restaurant there’s the kitchenalia, books, chocolate & sweets, bakery, cheese, fruit & veg, WINE & drinks, bath & body and home store. No wonder it’s Alex James’s corner shop. No wonder I come here before a dinner party. Who needs M&S anyway?

And, where else can you come for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, supper, for pizza outside at the bar, drinks, shopping, flowers, gifts and let’s not forget a seriously chic wardrobe ??


IMG_3491.JPG  IMG_3492-1.JPG  IMG_3490-0.JPG   IMG_3493-1.JPG





And then there’s that little bit of Danish design style …in Lady Bamford’s barn, beautiful objects placed as if in a museum and intertwined with clothes which you basically CANNOT believe..






Obviously there’s a Spa too…I mean why wouldn’t there be ? It’s called the Haybarn and its special! I haven’t quite experienced it first hand yet but that’s for another post…soon I hope…..’er husband..can you help there please ??!’




Or you could learn to cook here ? At the Daylesford Cookery School… I don’t think I would be able to whizz up anything like this however as am not known for my culinary skills….
















I’ve kept it fairly brief because otherwise I’d be here all day, literally …and also as I’m currently working on some improvements to CotswoldCreate…..but… I’ll be back soon with a much more workable and better looking blog site.

Ciao for now


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  1. Emma Head
    21st October 2014 / 10:40 pm

    Hi George,

    Daylesford looks amazing, I would definitely like a trip out there soon, never been but looks a place that I would love.

    I was at Lapstone this weekend having Martene do my hair and I popped into the Meg Rivers bakery and they were selling lavender shortbread, thought you’d like to know!


    • 21st October 2014 / 10:49 pm

      You would love it Emma!!!! Must go.
      Aha yes…. Thats where I have had it of course. Thankyiu …must pop up and stock up !!

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