Doing up the barn….Part One


When I moved into the barn 3 years ago I was met with man cave hell. Heaven to Hawk but hell for a Mouse. In fact, hell for all womankind and I vowed to myself then that it must be my life`s work to change it forever more.

On the one hand it was `cosy` and inviting with a touch of countryside charm, on the other a confusion of man stuff and not so stylish Sporting ephemera greeted me at every turn which was wholly uninviting and not so very charming either. Michael Schumacher, Ferrari framed posters and assorted memorabilia glared at me from every curiously painted room and were a constant reminder of my ever so secret and dangerous mission.

As Hawk says, when I moved in his life changed forever. Not only did he experience a gradual removal of everything he held dear (Schumacher gloves, Ferrari posters….you got the drift) which started disappearing mainly when he was at work on a Saturday… but he says, equally as fast appeared a vast collection of silver picture frames, floral cushions and `tut` !!!

He says the barn has never been the same since, but secretly I know he much prefers it…….of course he does!

My style has changed since then too. Gone are the floral cushions to be replaced by far more pleasing geometrics. Its rare to see anything pass my design pile which isn’t in the same vague colour palette. I did actually mean `vague` as it consists only of the following colours…White, Grey and that order. Vague and dull to some, utter perfection to me.

I take much of my inspiration from Instagram and by following Interiors bloggers. Some of my favourites are and who’s homes look like this below… which I can only aspire to!

Photo 29-09-2014 15 32 54 Photo 29-09-2014 15 33 00 Photo 29-09-2014 15 32 23

Other inspiration comes from Pinterest or Living Etc ….

. 2014-09-02 21.37.58 2014-09-01 21.50.16 2014-09-02 21.34.19

2014-09-02 21.32.30

This white, grey fascination being realised started with the Kitchen 2 years ago. I call it my master piece. Stamping my mark on the barn with Number 265, Manor House absolute favourite from the Farrow & Ball colour chart which has become my friend.

Photo 29-09-2014 13 50 05 Photo 29-09-2014 13 50 10

The Grey spiralled from there into pictures, candles, napkins and clocks even! Silver accents sit in between in the form of Emily Readlett Bailey’s Posh Graffiti and a pre existing chrome fridge, a Silver Dualit Toaster and mercuried glass lanterns complete the look.

Photo 29-09-2014 13 48 17 Photo 29-09-2014 13 49 24

I`m gradually doing up the barn room by room. Hallway and Kitchen completed my recent attention has been towards the Living Room as well as the Exterior of Hawk & Mouse house.

The Living Room….is almost there. We opted for an off white instead of the pure white I had planned, feeling that it would lend itself better to a barn conversion and Hawk reminding me that we aren`t living in a 6th floor Riverside apartment in Copenhagen and that stark white may just be a bit much for him however Danish I may think I really was! I let him win that one.

The carpet goes down next week and the Sofas arrive (finally in a few weeks) meantime I have been very busy accessorising…..

My love of Danish design began about 8 years ago on a fleeting visit to Copenhagen during which I was mesmerised by the simplicity, the colours, the clean lines and the beauty of `less is more`. Quite simply the most stylish, design pieces I had ever seen.

It was then that I learnt about the PH Artichoke Light designed by Poul Henningsen over 40 years ago and the famous `Barcelona chair` by Mies Van der Roe.

2014-09-24 22.06.32

Photo 29-09-2014 13 51 42

And it was then that I marvelled at the glass, the vases and accessories in Illums Bolighus. I promised myself that my home at some point would contain the design pieces I fell in love with by Kahler Design and Hay Design and Lyngby Porcelain

Photo 29-09-2014 13 53 16

Most recently I’ve made some of that happen and parcels have been arriving at my office from Denmark, London and Melbourne even!

I’m in love with my array of candle holders and tea light holders, creating I hope just a little bit of ‘Hygge’ here in the Cotswolds. Here’s my beloved ‘Etch’ by the wonderfully talented British Designer Tom Dixon

Photo 29-09-2014 13 49 37

And not forgetting my most recent purchase, my Lup candle holder by Hay Design

Photo 29-09-2014 13 47 46

And, it’s not all from Scandinavia…some of my buys are from around the corner, from the wonderful British Design talent of Robert Welch Design situated a few miles away in Chipping Campden. We love these stunning tea light holders below which achieve a similar effect to Tom Dixon’s Etch above…. and we have them situated underneath our favourite engagement picture taken by the very talented and wonderful Dafydd Hughes

2014-09-19 20.17.38 2014-09-20 13.52.54

As well as this, I do like a quote! Keeping to my vague colour pallet the prints and posters I have also been receiving in the post are usually black & white but lately I have been throwing in the odd silver or gold foil print, going really, really crazy ????

Lately most of these have been from the very talented Miss Poppy Design . But there’s also been room for beautiful pieces from Sarah & Bendrix most notably my beloved Wedding gift from my gorgeous bridesmaid Narissa who surprised us with our First dance wedding lyrics in a stunning white and grey framed booklet.

Photo 21-09-2014 08 30 58 Photo 23-09-2014 07 29 56

And because I just couldn’t resist ….I had to treat myself to ‘Non, Je ne regrette rien’ (above left)

I also love to buy bits from Cox & Cox and I’ve noticed recently that their buying has improved and that once ever so familiarly filled catalogue is now brimming with newly sourced objéts to test my temptation to the limits. One of my particular favourites right now are they’re hanging glass frames …which come in ‘on trend’ copper as well as silver and of varying sizes and prices, as shown below on my shelves containing a butterfly print in black & white.

Photo 21-09-2014 08 30 06

I also love these huge New York restaurant tiles from Rockett St George, I have so far only bought one but Hawk fears there maybe more on the way!!

2014-09-21 08.30.33

So, that’s where I have got to so far. You can look out for inspiration at Copenhagen Collection at John Lewis or click on the links!!!

Ceiling Pendant
Ceiling Pendant

Table Lamp, Black / Copper
Table Lamp, Black / Copper

Part two to follow soon…..


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