I don’t have much time these days for a good skincare regime or trips to the spa for facials and I certainly don’t get any skin repairing chunks of sleep to get me by so when local skin care specialist Jenni Retourné told me all about her new range of natural skincare products  – Willowberry Skin I was keen to find out more!

Willowberry is a brand new British natural skincare range dedicated to your skin’s wellbeing ie…it aims to help your skin feel content, comfortable, happy and balanced ….and basically that’s the way we want to feel too, isn’t it !?

This is achieved by using high quality natural ingredients that are rich in nutrients – vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids (just as we would feed our bodies), to nurture the skin. Willowberry also harnesses the power of so-called ‘superfood’ ingredients, renowned for their high nutritional value, which you would usually find on your plate.

Willowberry products are all as natural as possible, proudly made in Britain in small batches for quality and freshness all products in the range are 100% natural/naturally derived .  and what’s more, Willowberry only uses unrefined natural oils and butters, to preserve maximum nutrients (more information about ingredient processing can be found here…


At the heart of Willowberry is a desire to be open, inform and inspire. All ingredients are listed on the products in plain English, to make them easy to understand and they don’t make unrealistic product claims; they just want to help you look and feel great just the way you are, by targeting your skin’s own needs to enhance your natural beauty. And rather than being ‘anti-ageing’ they sees beauty as ageless – after all, ageing is a privilege, not a right!


Willowberry’s founder, Cheltenham based Jenni Retourné, has worked in the beauty industry since 2004, first as editor of a trade beauty magazine and then as owner of a beauty marketing company. With a passion for natural skincare, health and wellbeing, Jenni recognised the benefits of a skincare range that specifically targets the skin’s wellbeing and she wanted to make an everyday routine into spa pampering bliss.


” As I grew older I began to care more about my health and wellbeing, to be able to thrive both now and later on in life. Healthy eating, fitness and the products I put on my skin were a natural part of this,” explains Jenni. “As I made changes to my lifestyle and switched to using natural skincare ingredients, my skin transformed from being dry, dull, red and irritated to being smoother, clearer and healthy-looking.


Jenni studied natural skincare formulation and also researched how health and wellbeing affects the skin, as well as the mind and body and realised that by focusing on the skin’s wellbeing, using natural ingredients that are rich in nutrients to nurture the skin could make a real difference. She then set about spending the next three years honing the perfect skincare formulas and worked alongside a cosmetic chemist to help bring them to life. Following impassioned feedback – and requests for refills! – Willowberry was finally born!


This last week or so I have been trying out the new range from Willowberry, the Nutrient Boost skincare collection, with ‘superfood’ chia seed, rosehip & vitamin E. This range is bursting with natural ingredients that have been specially selected for their high nutritional value, for a smooth, balanced complexion that radiates a healthy look. Suitable for normal to dry skin, the 3-step skincare collection includes Cleansing Balm, Treatment Oil and Day Cream, for complete daily care.





Willowberry Nutrient Boost Cleansing Balm, £27.95, is a 100% natural luxurious daily cleanser to help nourish, purify and comfort the skin. It removes dirt, make-up and impurities using natural ingredients that are bursting with nourishing essential fatty acids, powerful antioxidants and a cocktail of vitamins that help to repair, regenerate and protect the skin.



YOUR SKIN’S WELLBEING: Helps skin feel revitalised, comfortable, balanced, nourished and hydrated.


Willowberry Nutrient Boost Treatment Oil, £22.50, is 100% natural and provides an intensive boost to help nourish, repair and regenerate the skin. This light, easily-absorbed oil nurtures the skin with natural ingredients that are bursting with nourishing essential fatty acids, powerful antioxidants and a cocktail of vitamins that focus on repair and regeneration, for clearer, smoother, more radiant skin. The Willowberry Nutrient Boost Treatment Oil is light enough to be used in the daytime, before applying make-up.



YOUR SKIN’S WELLBEING: Helps skin feel nourished, restored, hydrated, balanced and comfortable.


Willowberry Nutrient Boost Day Cream, £24.50, is 100% natural/naturally derived and helps to nourish, hydrate and protect the skin. This light moisturiser nurtures the skin with a powerhouse of natural ingredients bursting with vital nutrients; nourishing essential fatty acids, powerful antioxidants and a cocktail of vitamins that help to repair and regenerate, for smooth skin with a healthy-looking glow. 



YOUR SKIN’S WELLBEING: Helps skin feel nourished, hydrated, protected, comfortable and balanced.


I immediately LOVED the cleansing balm, there’s something quite luxurious and also calming about smothering your face with a beautifully scented product and taking the time to do so, childfree! Then relaxing a while (in the bath for me) and gently removing with a steaming hot flannel. It did actually feel ‘spa like’ and now I am so addicted that I am using it in the shower, though at an altogether more speedy speed with a Toddler to tame in the wings!

Each morning and evening I have followed this step with a few drops of the Nutrient Boost treatment oil but found that a few days in I was definitely using too much and being left with an excess of oil so I asked Jenni what her recommendation was and she advised that I only needed one or two drops. So far that has worked a treat underneath my moisturiser and make up creating enough suppleness without being too heavy.

All three products in the range are glorious and my favourite is the moisturiser with its light yet enriching touch and its divine geranium and rosehip sent, I really do enjoy each application especially the scents.

The Willowberry Nutrient Boost range is scented with a soft, spa-like fragrance of rosewood and geranium from natural essential oils, for indulgent pampering. From a wellbeing point of view, rosewood is said to help lift your spirits and ease stress, while geranium is said to help calm the mind and ease irritability, I can highly recommend the entire range and can now look forward to my revitalised beauty ritual.

They also look lovely in the bathroom!



Powered by nature the key ingredients across the Nutrient Boost range are ‘superfood’ chia seed oil, rosehip oil and vitamin E:


Chia seed oil: Cited as one of the most nutritionally-rich foods, chia seeds are a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants essential for aiding skin regeneration. Particularly rich in omegas 3 and 6 to help protect against environmental damage, it helps to nourish, soothe and comfort the skin while reducing redness and inflammation, for a healthy, radiant glow.


Rosehip oil: Sourced from the seeds of a rose plant, our high-quality rosehip seed oil is rich in vitamins A, C and E and essential fatty acids, to aid skin rejuvenation. Vitamins A & C help support cell regeneration and help promote the production of collagen and elastin, for firmer, smoother skin with greater elasticity. Vitamin E and essential fatty acids are natural sources of antioxidants, to aid healthy skin. Rosehip seed oil is particularly beneficial for dry, dull skin.


Vitamin E: Our 100% natural vitamin E from vegetable oil helps to repair skin, stimulate skin cell production and is a powerful antioxidant, helping to protect against free radicals which damage skin tissue.




Willowberry natural skincare is available at www.willowberry.co.uk Follow Jenni’s journey on Intsagram @willowberryskin. Or follow the blog at www.willowberry.co.uk, to inspire you to live a healthy, balanced and happy life.


There’s currently a special offer running when you buy all three products.…find it here.. and…most importantly..ENJOY – I know you will !

I would love to hear how you get on with the products so please do drop me a line or comment below..

All the best